Episode 22 – LILA’s a Fit Bottomed Girl

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What LILA has been up to [01:17]

LILA is sick—of being sick. She’s ready to be rid of the crud that has kept her away from exercise. It’s hard to be patient and allow herself time to recover, but she realizes that sickness is a part of life, and part of her journey.

Conversation with Jenn from Fit Bottomed Girls [03:50]

This week, LILA is excited to interview Jenn from Fit Bottomed Girls—a website that focuses on all aspects of health and wellness. It includes workouts, motivational tips, personal accounts, and fitness advice … all with a twist of fun. Jenn believes that being healthy doesn’t have to mean diet and deprivation. Instead, they encourage people to find a healthy path that works for them.

Jenn’s personal story [06:24]

In college, Jenn loved fitness and became a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. However, as fit and healthy as she was, she struggled to reach that mystical prescribed weight. To promote a healthy lifestyle, she felt she needed to look “the part.” This struggle led to her own issues—low self worth, lack of self control, and binge eating followed by extreme diets.

A pivotal moment for Jenn came when shopping for her wedding dress. Instead of looking forward to her wedding day, she realized she was only focused on how she would look in her dress. This was not healthy, so Jenn got help from a registered dietitian. She became mindful of what she ate and no longer worried about the number on the scale.

Intuitive Eating [14:58]

Jenn explains that Intuitive Eating is being mindful of your food and paying attention to hunger and fullness levels. The key is to track these levels diligently, whether on paper or with an app.

LILA and Jenn discuss how we are conditioned to eat at specific times, even if we aren’t hungry. Social events can especially be hard. Jenn reminds us to focus on the purpose of the event, not the food.

Chocolate Meditation [23:44]

Jenn shares a fun exercise to help us slow down and focus on what we are eating. Eat a small piece of dark chocolate, slowly over the course of 5 minutes. This concept can be used with other foods and cravings, teaching you to be satisfied with small amounts.

Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet Book [25:39]

The Anti-Diet Book focuses on 10 principals, exploring topics such as Balance, Ditch the Scale, and How to Eat Right. Each chapter also includes 10 minute fixes to help you achieve your goals.

Jenn’s workout preferences [27:22]

Jenn loves yoga and is addicted to high intensity workouts like CrossFit. LILA and Jenn discuss the benefit of getting into the habit of exercise. Something might be hard at first, but soon becomes doable. They also share their love/hate relationship with burpees.

Fun questions for Jenn [35:47]

Favorite food: taco salad
Favorite technology: fitness trackers, especially the Microsoft Healthband

Lessons this week [40:09]

LILA is intrigued with the concept of Intuitive Eating. With the help of Paul LaFontaine, she created her own app to track her hunger cues. Here’s how you can make one for yourself:

  1. Create a form in Google Forms titled “Intuitive Eating Tracker.”
  2. Create the question:  Are you hungry? Rate on scale of 1 to 5.
  3. Create the question:  Is it mealtime? Yes or No.
  4. Email the form to yourself.
  5. From your phone, open up the form and share it to your homepage.
  6. Open up the app anytime you want to log your answers. Google Forms will collect and time stamp your results.

Intuitive Eating Tracker

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.52.51 AM

Significant Quotes:


“It’s easy for people to say ‘love yourself…love all of your flaws and embrace it!’” [06:57]

“Can you imagine what the women of this world could do if they stopped being so fixated on the number on the scale?” [11:20]

“The focus of this (social) event is not really the food…you want to be with your loved ones.” [23:22]


“The whole idea of sitting around quietly and thinking makes me want to poke my eyeball out. But doing it with chocolate?!” [24:58]

“I think it’s so interesting that you as a fitness instructor actually went to a nutritionist….because we all have flaws and need help from other people.” [27:28]

“Our WHY behind doing 3DLILA is to get into a physical state where the thing we love to do is easier.” [27:59]


You are the Product

Fit Bottomed Girls Website:  http://fitbottomedgirls.com/

How I learned to Love Burpees (Seriously) by Jenn of Fit Bottom Girls

The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet: 10-Minute Fixes to Get the Body You Want and a Life You’ll Love

BitBite: Lose Weight & Improve Your Eating Habits – Wearable device LILA talks about

Microsoft Healthband:  https://microsoft.com/microsoft-band/en-us

LILA’s Advent Fitness Challenge

Paul LaFontaine & The Quantified Self on Twitter: @QuantSelfLaFont



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