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Join Erica and a crew of amazing people as they discover exotic cultures blending traveling, local flavors, experiences and entertaining with balance & wellness. Each unique ESCAPE TO SHAPE location provides a perfect backdrop and platform for discerning guests to re-discover themselves while discovering a new culture.

$200 discount off an Escape To Shape/Destination Detox for all 3D LILA listeners!


Just mention 3D LILA when you send your inquiry to info@escapetoshape.com to receive the discount.

Offer valid for any reservation made by December 31, 2016. Your trip can be scheduled after December 31, 2016.

Naked_Icon_TransparentNaked 3D Fitness Tracker

The World’s First Home Body Scanner


Lolly_bathroom_1Naked is the world’s first 3D body scanner for your home. It helps visualize your body’s progress, empowering you to live a healthier life. Track your volumetric body fat %, accurate body measurements, and weight.

Ditch the scale and see 3D results in the comfort of your home!


Click on the mirror below to get $50 off as a 3D LILA listener.
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3D LILA discount – http://naked.fit/3dlila

sachetISOThrive. Feed Your Microbe.

ISOThrive, an all-natural fermented Prebiotic Nectar, supports weight loss, immunity boost, and digestive balance.

Prebiotics are naturally occurring soluble fiber foods that feed the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. When those beneficial bacteria are fed, they help you thrive.
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Thistle meals   Thistle-Logo-Tagline-black

Get delicious, healthy meals and juice, delivered right to your door. Choose between a one, five or twenty-day delivery — all dairy and gluten-free, and packed full of nutrients to help you feel your best.

Just head to www.thistle.co and use the code “3DLILA” at checkout to get a 20% discount.

Thistle: Put your diet on autopilot.