Episode 23 – Camp fires and canoeing? The new summer camps include 3D printing!

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What LILA has been up to [00:57]

LILA faced her kryptonite this week—a childhood favorite taunted her from the shelves. Every season brings its share of temptations to manage, some harder than others. LILA reminds herself that she needs to be strong and stay the course.

Conversation with John from iD Tech [08:40]

This week, LILA interviews John from iD Tech, a company that offers STEM based educational camps for kids. Rather than traditional summer camp set in the woods, iD Tech’s camps are located at prestigious colleges across the country. Some of the courses offered are coding, game design, photoshop, web design, videography, and 3D printing. Kids ages 7-17 are accepted. They also offer a camp geared specifically for girls.

3D printing classes [13:15]

LILA is a huge fan of 3D printing and wonders what kids at an iD Tech camp will learn. John tells us that campers have the opportunity to make fun projects, such as custom rings, treasure chests, and rocket ships. Students learn the entire process of printing 3D objects, from modeling their object with computer software to a hands-on experience with 3D printers.

John feels that one of the best results of his camp is that kids have learned how to approach and solve engineering problems. This skill will benefit them in all areas of their life.

The future of 3D printing [19:10]

Although a relatively new technology, John is excited about the rapid growth in this field. Recently, the efficiency of the 3D printing process has greatly improved and items can be 3D printed faster than ever in full color. He believes that in the near future someone will be able to think of something and then instantly make it. LILA jokes about whether this ability will be a good thing for pack rats like herself.

iD Tech 3D model contest  [20:14]

iD Tech is launching a new contest that encourages students to create their own 3D model of a Minecraft-inspired design. Participants will have use of the company’s free modeling software to develop and then submit their ideas. Each age group winner will receive a Dremel 3D Idea Builder as well as a $500 Shapeways credit. Better yet, each winner will win a free week at an iD Tech camp.

Virtual Reality technology [23:13]

John believes that the next big area in technology to grow will be Virtual Reality. There is a new movement from software companies to create environments in 3D, while at the same time using 3D. Basically, you can create a VR world while using a VR headset. Johns says the advantage is that you can manipulate things in different angles because you are seeing it in a different way—not just on a 2D screen as before. LILA is blown away by this and excited for the future.

Fun questions for John [27:40]

Favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese, the orange box variety

Favorite technology: Virtual Reality, building games for VR in VR

Lessons this week [31:49]

LILA is not just a runner, she is a triathlete! Early in her fitness journey, she found herself agreeing to do a triathlon with a friend. Even though she had some irrational fears, they found a race that met her quirky conditions—no sharks, no salt water, and no wetsuits.

LILA says that there are many varieties of races, geared for various levels of athletes. One of her favorites was a Danskin Triathlon for only women—she swam 1/2 mile, biked 12 miles, and ran 3 miles. The key is finding something that interests and motivates you.  Get moving!

Significant Quotes


“It’s really up to the imagination of the student, and they can print whatever they want as long as it is something tangible and something they can model.” [15:30]

“I am most excited about the technology…every year we are seeing leaps and bounds from where it was the last year.” [19:17]

“My favorite technology is Virtual Reality…you could be living in your home but relaxing on the beach.” [28:59]


“You’re like a bad boyfriend, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. I love ya, but you’re bad for me.” [7:36]

“I’ve played with the Google Cardboard, which is like the Junior Varsity version of VR.” [24:09]

“Sorry guys, I know you’d like to participate…but there is something a little less dangerous about getting in the water with 20 people when it’s not a lot of dudes trying to kick you in the head.” [34:29]


iD Tech: https://www.idtech.com

iD Tech 3D Model Contest: https://www.idtech.com/3d-model-contest/rules/

H2O Audio headphones: http://www.h2oaudio.com/

Iron Girl: http://www.irongirl.com

Diva’s Series: http://www.runlikeadiva.com/

Girls on the Run: https://www.girlsontherun.org/

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