Episode 21 – Rewarding Yourself

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What LILA has been up to [00:57]

LILA is on a high! Last week she was one of the featured speakers at the TED 2016 conference in Vancouver. LILA debuted 3DLILA and shared how she was created as a motivational tool. LILA loved every bit of this “mind blowing experience,” including the brilliance of professional hair and makeup!

Feeling something like a celebrity after her talk, LILA mingled and had fun showing off 3DLILA. She even met some big names, such as Monica Lewinsky. LILA has decided that she’s met another BFF.

LILA is thrilled with the press touting 3D LILA at TED. An article by LinkedIn’s Chip Cutter, senior editor, made us laugh and beam with pride – Someone came up with what might be possibly be the TED-iest way to lose weight. Discussion in the comments is super too. LILA also feels vindicated in making up words as LILA was chosen as a runner-up for the best words of TED2016. Awesomesauce!

Check out our TED Experience page for pictures from the event.

Conversation with BJ Wiley from SweatCred [07:34]


This week LILA interviews BJ Wiley, the creator of SweatCred – a corporate wellness company that helps businesses improve the health and productivity of their employees. BJ tells us that they are different from other corporate wellness companies in that they encourage and motivate rather than scare people into a healthy lifestyle.

BJ explains that many plans focus solely on data received during biometric screenings—weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure. A poor result might be effective initially, but not for the long-term. SweatCred feels differently about how to motivate people. Their program encourages wellness by tracking a multitude of factors (including relaxation) and rewarding progress with prizes.

How SweatCred was conceived [14:44]

BJ explains that after working in the the hospitality industry, she went to work for Lululemon as she was interested in the field of wellness. Part of her job that she really enjoyed was being a “wellness concierge.” Essentially, she connected customers with other services they were interested in, such as a local juicer or acupuncturist.

This experience was the catalyst for the creation of SweatCred. She saw the value in curating and providing healthy opportunities as a reward for positive lifestyle changes. BJ feels her company model is perfect for use in the corporate wellness area. No more talk about “risk factors” and negative consequences.  Instead, healthy behaviors should be met with healthy rewards.

SweatCred for everyone [22:01]

Although their focus is currently on the corporate setting, someday they’d like it to be available to everyone. In the meantime, BJ is excited about the interest they’ve received from private health insurance companies. They see the benefits of providing a program like SweatCred to their customers—promoting healthy lifestyles results in reduced health care costs.

BJ’s fitness regime [26:31]

LILA thinks that BJ is a bit of a fitness fanatic. She enjoys a mix of strength training and group fitness—yoga, pilates, and bootcamp training. Also, BJ stresses the importance of finding a gym or group fitness class whenever she travels.

Fun questions for BJ [28:50]

  • Favorite food: chocolate sorbet—dessert without all the consequences
  • Favorite technology: the fitness app, Nike Training Club

Lessons this week [33:07]

LILA had a wonderful time at the TED Talks, but she came home with what she calls a TED Hangover—an overload of wonderfulness. Add to that, she got sick with a fever and felt miserable. She needs to remind herself of the following:

  1. Be gentle with yourself.
  2. Slow down and let yourself recover.
  3. Be brave.

Significant Quotes:


“We’re rewarding healthy behavior with healthy rewards, but they give you access to these amazing experiences in the health arena.” [12:40]

“We wanted to be able to have people on a larger scale tap into all of these amazing experiences out there.” [17:53]

“I would never buy that for myself, but if I got rewarded through the company…it’s a way of treating yourself.” [23:27]


“I felt a tiny bit like a celebrity for the week. It was kind of fun!” [05:20]

“We say a lot of you shouldn’t, and don’t, and stop as opposed to do, and should, and go.” [14:21]

“Standing in line next to the Harvard fellow who is studying the Zika virus…’Hi, I’m the one with the 3D model fat thing.’” [34:06]


TED2016 Links

SweatCred: www.sweatcred.com

SweatCred Facebook page

NTC – Nike Training Club

3D LILA Pinterest – Chocolate Sorbet

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