Episode 3 – Making My Mini-Me and an Interview with Mike at Shapify

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LILA spoke of the surprisingly emotional journey in actually making the 3D mini me in Episode 2. Listen in Episode 3 as she tells of how she actually did and her emotions at the Shapify showroom.

LILA also interviews Mike Chin, manager of the Shapify store in Palo Alto, CA. Mike explains the 3D scanning process, his favorite client, and how anyone can be printed in 3D.

Here she is …

LILA in her original form printed in 3D.
LILA in her original form printed in 3D.

You too should try this! You can go to the Shapify website to find a location near you. You can also use Xbox at home. We are working with Shapify to get a discount coupon so you can be a 3D LILA too!

Next week: Fitness and what it means to be an athlete.

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Show Notes

Rolling into the Shapify Showroom [02:12]
Interview with Mike Chin, Shapify Showroom [03:33]
What happens when you go to get a 3D scan [05:32]
How the actual “shapies” are made [06:27]
The oddest thing to scan [07:36]
Is the booth moveable? Can it be used at a wedding or party? [08:57]
Artec Studio software and accurate measuring [10:06]
Group poses [12:00]
Scanning points [12:44]
Significant quotes

“Scans an entire person take 12 seconds. Generates a 3D model in 7 minutes…” [04:15]
“So you’re basically creating what is a 3D photograph of somebody.” [07:24]
“Seeing yourself, half dressed, in 360 degrees detail is a humbling experience.” [15:30]
“It’s not like looking in the mirror. However, it’s the most accurate mirror you can see.” [15:44]
“It was an emotional roller coaster to say the least!” [17:50]
Links Mentioned

Artec Group

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