Episode 4 – Call Yourself an Athlete

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This week’s episode focuses on fitness and what it means to LILA to be an athlete. As you know, the last word in LILA stands for “Athlete.” She recounts the moment she realized that she is, in fact, an athlete (thanks in part to her sister.)

LILA talks about sprint triathlons, what they involve, and how they are totally doable by all. She encourages you to do races in vacation spots. Do the race and then have a vacation. You’ve earned the reward! It’s on one of these vacation races that it hits LILA that she is an athlete – a label on a bus carrying the participants to the start line.

LILA finds her zen in running. However, getting started and to that point was her biggest hurdle. Don’t you be dissuaded by the voices in your head telling you you can’t run. We’re fairly well built to run. Granted, you won’t be able to run a marathon the first day, but most of you will be able to do some sort of fitness from day one. It’s all about baby steps and pushing through. Set a small goal and push yourself to reach it. The next week make that goal a bit bigger.

For LILA, running is her go-to fitness regime. She talks of other forms of fitness choices – bicycling, swimming, spin class, and step class. Spin class, LILA says, is NOT for her but worked beautifully for a good friend. To be an athlete, you need to find out what works for you and how you do it. LILA encourages you to look beyond just running and find the fitness program that works for you. That’s the journey. Try lots of things.

Join in the discussion too!

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  • What fitness are you into? Tweet at 3DLILA or post on FaceBook. We’re curious as how you incorporate fitness into your life.

You too can call yourself an athlete!

Next week: Food and sticking to a plan.

Show Notes:

Thanks to all and other ways to listen to the LILA podcast – 1:10
Realization that LILA is an athlete – 03:16
Beginning to run and building up stamina – 08:30
Different fitness routines work for different people – 16:39


“I use that word [athlete] really specifically ” 3:35
“I was a bit frumpy and I was super slow. I have the hand-eye coordination of a doorknob. And I have flat feet …” 07:51
“I thought, ‘Well, why can’t I run a bit?’” 11:01
“It’s all about the baby steps.” 13:38
“The only person that can push you is you.” 14:40
“Go at the pace that works for you.” 16:37
“For me, distance running is my thing.” 16:57
“I like to be outside with the trees and the bunnies and the wind and the leaves and all that good stuff.” 18:06
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