Episode 2 – Taking the Leap

She took the leap and the challenge begins!


However, LILA has a confession. The trip to the 3D printing store took a little longer than planned. Listen to LILA confess why her promise of going to create a mini-me took longer than a week. Like many of us, LILA fights her internal demons in starting the weight loss journey and becoming a strong runner. LILA talks through her fears and conjures up the bravery to get herself to Shapify – albeit four weeks and 20 minutes late.

So she took the leap. Not only did she make an appointment at the local Shapify store, LILA interviewed the company to explain her LILA project. These two moments solidified her commitment to this journey.

Next week – Getting LILA’s shapie made and an interview with Mike from Shapify.

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It’s the “start the diet tomorrow” problem. – 02:22

I kept having that last party day. – 3:14

By putting it out there … people would have the opportunity to judge. – 4:09

I’m really doing this because I want to become LILA – that late in life athlete. – 5:08

I’ve started [diets] so many times and barely made it to Thursday. – 6:19

A lot of nonsense in my head got in the way of motivation. – 7:08

I want to bottle that stuff [running endorphins] up and spray it on me at 4 o’clock when I want to hoover up everything in the kitchen.  – 8:16


Shapify – http://www.shapify.me


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