100 Days of Running, ok moving, ok more like 30 days …

The other day, I realized my “I will work out” mantra wasn’t happening as much as I imagined. Plus, in an commitment to my friends at Naked Labs, I promised to share some of my experiences, measurements, and such along this journey. I wasn’t doing a bang-up job for them either. I decided to solve both problems with one solution.

Instagram run

And so was born the Instagram #100daysofrunning fitness challenge. Because, as you know, I just love a challenge. Each day I’d lace up my running shoes, get out there and move, take a little photo, and post it on Instagram.

A little over 30 days in, this is what I’ve learned in the process:

  1. Like this blog, when I’m public about something, I hold myself more accountable. #winning
  2. Creating “streaks” of a habit is perfect for that extra oomph I need to push me out the door.
  3. I interpret “running” in all sorts of ways:
    • Walking around London for 6 hours.
    • Strolling around the endless miles of an airport to “make it count.”
    • Slowly climbing up very, very steep incline hills.
    • Hopping on the bike to head to the Boulangerie (absolutely counts as running!)
  4. Jet lag and a 24-hour travel day can kill a streak like nobody’s business.
  5. I have some epic views available to me in my day to day life. #sofortunate

OK, my “100 days of running” is more like “100 days of moving.” Considering I wasn’t doing anything much before, I count this as a win!

That said, I’m not going to kid myself, being a Road Warrior Princess totally killed my streak. Add to that the oh-so-terrible (I’m joking) need to track my activities in London, France, and Holland; I got all out of sorts with counting my days. My streak ended around Day 30.

Joanna Map 2017
LILA’s travel map for June and July

I’m NOT quitting! I’m going to start again. Back to day 1. This time I’ll be a little more honest. This time will be a little more realistic and be tagged #100daysofmoving instead.

Want to join me? Maybe we should even have a prize at the end of it for the person with the longest streak. You game? Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Get out and move your body for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Take a photo of what you see. (It can be anything – I posted a photo of my crazy shoes one day)
  3. Post the photo on Instagram and tag #100daysofmovement and #3DLILAChallenge Once you do it once it’s easy to do and will autofill on your phone. Doing this allows us all to see each others’ photos.
  4. Note which day you’re on in your post.
  5. Have fun with it!

Come on, give it a try. 🙂

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