You Are What You Eat

I’m more than aware of the data point noting that 80% of weight loss is about what you put in your mouth. In simpler terms: You are what you eat. Weight loss, for me, happens when I eat clean proteins and vegetables and nothing else. Now I’m not great about sticking to that plan (Hello wine! Hello sugar!), but I’m doing better.

So what is “doing better”? This week I’ll share a food favorite and give a shout out to some products that help me on my tasty way. In case you were wondering, none of these people are paying me for this. Nor am I getting any free product, so this isn’t some ad in disguise. This is really me.

Tonight’s dinner at Casa 3D LILA was my problem, and I had a hankering for pizza. Normally pizza would generally be a bad idea on a whole food program (aka no white products, no sugar, etc.), but I’ve found the magic ingredient.

Cauliflower Pizza Crusts. If you search Pinterest, a multitude of recipes/hints will appear. I use this one I found via Tasty Kitchen.

Photo credit: Jessica Merchant/


Good news, right? Well, there’s a catch to getting to this deliciousness. When you make them at home, they’re a fiddle, and they make your kitchen stink something terrible. Due to these issues, cauliflower pizza crusts are not a regular item at the dinner table.

Until the other day when I found a little package of LA Cauliflower bread buns in Whole Foods. As I was on the road at the time, the idea of sticking potentially stinky food in my suitcase was not going to happen. I went to my trusty friend the internet and did a quick search. I found Cali’flour Foods’ Cauliflower Pizza Crusts as a pre-packaged substitution for my messy, smelly homemade attempts.

Well, let me just say, I’m a fan. They come two to a package and made of the same simple ingredients you would just at home.

So here’s what I’ve learned with using them (we buy a bunch and keep them in the freezer).

  1. Make sure your ingredients are fresh. The crusts have a flavor in of themselves, so you’ll want clean flavors to balance. Smothering it in pepperoni defeats the purpose of healthy eating.
  2. Slice everything super thin. The crusts are not thick and hearty like your usual crush. I’m a big fan of the mandolin to slice the veggies super thin.
  3. Play with your ingredients. Tonight we did a pesto and goat cheese mix as the base instead of tomato sauce. With thinly sliced zucchini to top it off, we had a winner.

So who said you couldn’t have pizza when you’re trying to eat clean. Not me! Enjoy.

And let us know in the comments if you like this “what am I eating” section. We’ll share more ideas and recipes. If you’re on this journey with us, we’d love to know if you’re doing anything fun.

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