No, you don’t have to print out “mini me” anymore

I’ve been testing out new business cards. I have a couple of different designs and I’m seeing how people react to them.20160625-_mg_0315

Funnily, the card that features me and my tiny 3D LILA is the one that gets the best reaction. People laugh, people smile, people ask me more questions – about a business card. Really! It surprises me too.

I finally had the courage to incorporate 3D LILA into my professional world, and it seems to be resonating with people. Such a surprise.

By including her in my professional world, I have the opportunity to introduce my TED talk and the project as a whole. This discussion invariably leads to how I measure success today, and if I’m still “printing myself.”

The honest and given answer is – I’m not. Unfortunately, the company I was using to 3D print my miniature versions decided to close down the area location. And, if I’m being REALLY honest, I haven’t printed myself for longer than they’ve been closed.

What I have done, however, is maintain the curiosity of the different ways to measure success in a dimension that’s more than that awful scale. I thought I’d share today one that has intrigued me. This company built a product for one problem, only does have someone like me see the opportunity to solve another.

The product in question – Like a Glove leggings. Their website:

Photo: Like A Glove Website

The idea behind (no pun intended) this product is to give you an accurate measure of your jeans size so you can purchase the perfect fit. With all the crazy, inconsistent and vanity sizing out there finding the “Perfect fit” is often quite the struggle. Of course, my measurement-focused brain immediately realized these pants could measure how I’m shrinking over time as well. The smart team at Like A Glove thought about it too and mention this as a use case on their site.

I haven’t made the leap to purchase the leggings as I have other ideas cooking which I’ll share another day. But I might buy those leggings still. Would you buy them for yourself? And as you’re the only person looking at the results, does it make the concept of multidimensional measurement of yourself a little more palatable, make the whole process a little less exposed?

I’d love to hear what you think.

Oh and just a quick “share the awesome” note. If you want to read someone else’s thoughts on technology in the fitness space, you should check out Erik Panu’s medium site: He’s my “go-to” person for wearables these days. All sorts of ideas and opinions there. Check it out.

Until next time, Lila

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