Come on you guys! Help out a LILA!

Hello fellow LILAs! I’ve decided you’re all Late In Life Athletes. Even if you’re not, there’s one inside you, right?

Last time I talked about measurable goals for all our fitness and weight loss journeys. I asked you for ideas on how to measure my results as I can’t get 3D images of myself easily done anymore. Here’s what you had to say…

Nothing. Well, except 2 votes on Twitter. And one of those was my sister, so it doesn’t count. You guys are no help at all! However, many of you have seen me and told me your vote in person. With that, I’ve decided to track my miles. Getting outside for a run, walk or hike is not only physically good for me but mentally too. And, as I’m a rebel, no “January 1st” kick-off for me. We’ll start counting today. Go!

As luck would have it, right after I posted my previous article, I saw a post from a fellow LILA Susan Seah about her goal for last year. She set her goal to run a marathon for each month in 2016. This is what she had to say:


Susan right after the Vancouver Marathon.

“My goal in 2016 was to complete a marathon a month and on the very last day of 2016, I finished my last one. Why did I do it? I guess it’s because I was curious to know if it could be accomplished. I have always believed that anything is possible if we want it badly enough. It certainly wasn’t easy and there were many times during these races where I had cursed myself for my self-imposed torture. I am not an extraordinary athlete of any sort or in any amazing physical shape but I know two things about myself – my love for new challenges and my ability to persevere. I hope my story helps to inspire others who may doubt their abilities in any way. Be bold, always and just do it.”


Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired. As someone who’s pulled off just ONE marathon in a calendar year, I know marathons require some epic training and commitment. Congratulations Susan, we think you’re awesome. Now we’re curious what you’re going to do in 2017.

Have any of you given yourself a fitness challenge for 2017? We’d love to hear.

Keep on running, 3D LILA

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