3D LILA sat on a wall, 3D LILA had a great fall…

3D LILA sat on a wall, 3D LILA had a great fall…

Well, I don’t look like Humpty Dumpty but was beginning to head in that direction. You may be wondering where the weekly podcast have gone and what the plans for 3D LILA are. Let me put it simply: 3D LILA had a bit of a fall. Not a real one, but the metaphorical one I always seem to make when I put other things aheads of my health and fitness. I’ve been on a low, long tumble for quite some time stopping once in awhile to give myself a bit of a smash with my metaphorical hammer. (Hello Nutella, I’m looking at you.) All the usual justifications rang in my head and success in other aspects of my life added fuel to the fire. It’s almost as if I wanted to make sure the “all the King’s men” really couldn’t put me back together again.

I didn’t need a King. I needed a Queen. Actually three of them:  an Escape Artist, a nutritionist, and a fitness instructor.

Last night I returned from a week in the jungles of Nicaragua at Escape To Shape’s Destination Detox.  I wrote this while I was there:

Photo Credit: Escape to Shape & Tim Freccia

We live in a world where life is mapped out to the minute. Minutes filled with nagging tasks, burdensome obligations, and challenging decisions. We are surrounded by people who have  endless lists of needs. We all do what we can each day, each minute.

And yet, within that list, we are supposed to find time for ourselves. We constantly hear from our loved ones, “take care of yourself first.” I’ve lost count of the days where others needs came before my own. It’s not for lack of planning. I have a “take care of me” list posted on my refrigerator door. I see it several times a day. And yes, almost every day I walk by and think, “Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will make time for me.”

I woke up this morning and that “tomorrow” is today. I am blissfully and unashamedly making time for me at an Escape to Shape Destination Detox.  A gentle breeze blows through the jungle canopy as I sit on my heavily cushioned perch by a crystalline pool. Below me the pristine and private horse shoe beach calls me for my daily beach walk. I could be alone or with some other escapist, it doesn’t matter. The sand, the waves, and the movement will start a day allowing me to focus on my body, my mind, my heart.

For I am here, in this place of organic luxury, to be cared for in the best way possible while encompassed by spectacular and inspirational surroundings. Each day I’m enveloped by kindness and laughter, along with a gentle prod from our hosts to take care of myself in every way.

This week has been filled with a rainbow of foods on my plate, gently nourishing my body. A multitude of activities nudge my physical self to just beyond my comfort zone, tugging me to strength. Laughter fills countless moments with people who remind me that I am enough. Moments alone, like this one, give me time to speak to my heart and remind myself that loving myself is the greatest gift of all.

Erica, Erika and Meg, the three Queens, slowly put me back together over the week. I am back with the same voracity and focus to hit my goals that I had at the beginning of this project.

Does this mean I’m going to start recording the podcast again?

I’m afraid not. At least for now. While I’m going to prioritize my time to focus again health and fitness, I can’t afford to spend the hours needed to produce the show.

Does this mean 3D LILA is over?

No, but it’s evolving. My friends at Shapify, the makers of the 3D models, have closed down their Northern California location. This means I have no way to scan and print my 3D self. However, I do have a Naked mirror on order, so scanning and more data will be happening soon. As it’s a slightly shorter time commitment, I’m going to be writing posts and keeping you all up to date on my journey.

They say that success comes when you keep picking yourself up when you trip and fall. So up my Humpty self and I get back on the wall.

2 thoughts on “3D LILA sat on a wall, 3D LILA had a great fall…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your firsthand account of your Escape To Shape/Destination Detox experience in Nicaragua and for identifying ‘organic luxury’ as you so eloquently phrased it.

    We look forward to seeing you & traveling with you again!




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