Episode 36 – Get the Toxicants Out!

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LILA gives an update of all that’s been going on … including a vaca! [

Life is crazy in 3D LILA world! One of the biggest crazies is prepping for the Figure 8 Voyage. LILA’s husband (Randall) is in Hawaii right now getting things together for his solo sailing voyage around the Americas and Antartica all in one go. LILA took a break from her new business to visit him.  LILA notes the impact of the environment of your life. She compares the stress of navigating around Baltimore-Washington DC-New York and the tranquility of Kauai.

Conversation with Amy Ziff,  Founder/Executive Director, MadeSafe [3:00]

This week LILA interviews Amy Ziff from MADESAFE, a certification program that helps consumers identify products that are safe to bring into their homes. This unique company tests everyday items such as beauty and baby products, bedding, and water bottles for the presence of dangerous chemicals.

When a product earns the MADESAFE Seal, consumers are assured that it has been manufactured without any chemicals that are known to cause harm to human health.

Why MADESAFE was created

Amy rarely thought about how products were made until she had her twins. After they were born, they seemed to be allergic to everything—from baby wipes to hypoallergenic creams to even the nursing pillow she used. Amy says that the journalist in her went on a mission to find out what was causing their allergies. She was shocked to learn about all of the chemicals that were used in the products she was using for her babies.

Government oversight of chemicals

LILA wonders what our government is doing to regulate the use of toxicants. Amy says that there are only two laws that oversee our products and feels that they are ineffective in regulating the 85,000 chemicals used in manufacturing. The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was created in 1938 but is terribly outdated. The other is the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA), but Amy feels it is weak and inadequate even after being amended this past summer.

Detox from dangerous chemicals

LILA wonders if she should just move out to the country and escape from all of the toxicants in our environment! Amy assures LILA that it’s not too late to make changes for the better. The Hermosa Study proves that by educating ourselves, we can learn to decrease our exposure and essentially detox from these dangerous chemicals.

Skin Biome

Amy explains how our skin biome is a diverse group of bacteria that lives on us and acts as a first line of defense. She is very concerned about what we put on our skin—especially the use of antibacterial soaps which actually contain a pesticide that kills bacteria.

Weight Loss

LILA wonders if toxic chemicals can interfere with weight loss. Unfortunately, Amy says yes—our bodies hold onto toxicants in our fat cells and when we try to lose weight, they can create havoc. Some of these toxins are endocrine disruptors, or Obesogens, and they can actually prime your body to make you fat.

How to decrease toxicants

Don’t panic! Amy says there are many things we can do to decrease toxic chemicals in our homes:

  • Open windows to get fresh air
  • Take off shoes at the door
  • Use fragrance-free cleaners
  • Open windows when cooking with gas
  • Use HEPA vac or damp mop

Hope on the horizon [25:00]

Amy wants to be a catalyst to making better, safer products and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals. She created the MADESAFE Certification program for consumers, but is happy that brands now have a road map they can use to help them create toxic-free products.

Fun questions for Amy [28:00]

Favorite food: Chocolate!

Favorite technologies:

  1. TZOA, a wearable device that measures chemicals in your environment.
  2. Air Mentor, measures the air quality in your home.
  3. MyExposome, a wearable silicone bracelet that is sent in for testing.

Next episode: LILA shares her thoughts.

Significant Quotes


“I am obsessed with what is in our stuff…there’s a lot of really nasty chemicals that go into what we use each and every day.”

“We live in an incredible chemical age, in an unprecedented chemical time.”

“My babies are more sensitive….the canaries in the coal mine.”

“Our bodies are incredible machines. They are designed to detox.”


“I remember being grossed out that formaldehyde was used as an agent to fix colors in clothes…isn’t that what they use to preserve you when you die?!”

“Do these nasties have an impact on my weight loss, too?!”

“Oh, no! Stay big and tubby, we love you!” (Reaction to learning about Obesogens)



The Hermosa Study

Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

Toxic Substance Control Act

TZOA: Wearable Enviro-Tracker measures air quality and more

Air Mentor:  Smart air quality monitor

MyExposome:  Silicone wearable for tracking toxicants




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