Episode 34 – Persistence Matters When Nothing Else Does

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Today on 3D LILA

In case you missed it, LILA decided to shake things up a bit and change the format of her show. So, one week will be an update on LILA, her thoughts, and her journey and the next week will be an interview with an interesting, inspiring person. This week, it’s all about LILA.

Word of the day: Persistence [02:00]

LILA admits to having Olympic Fever and has been glued to the TV. It’s incredible to watch these athletes compete and give it their all. LILA is especially intrigued to hear the backgrounds and personal stories of the athletes. Talk about persistence!

Ironically, LILA recently watched two movies that also have the “persistence” theme: Cast Away with Tom Hanks and The Martian with Matt Damon. LILA likes one particular quote from The Martian: “You solve one problem and then you solve another.” Sounds like good advice! [NOTE: How can you possibly forget Matt Damon, LILA?]

Happy Anniversary! [05:07]

cake-986299_640LILA is happy to announce it’s 3D LILA’s Podcast Anniversary! It all began one year ago and this week is the 34th episode. LILA is very proud of Team 3D LILA and all of their hard work.

LILA is reminded of why she started the show. It has always been about the personal journey for her and the show was a way to stay accountable to herself and her goals. Also, creating 3D LILA satisfied her curiosity about how to do a podcast, as well as being able talk to some interesting and amazing people. In all honesty, LILA may not be where she had wanted to be when envisioning this a year ago, but that’s ok. She’s not done yet—it’s a journey, not a race.

What’s been going on with LILA [08:50]

In Episode 32, Blue Line Moments, LILA made a plan to get back on track. This included a goal for daily exercise as well as focusing on her nutrition—specifically, cutting out sugar. LILA has done pretty well with her goal, but the stupid scale is not cooperating. Now, LILA knows that she shouldn’t be focused on the number on the scale. She is feeling better and feeling stronger and this is what matters. Persistence—this is how she will win the race.

Inspiring Quote by Seth Godin [12:51]

LILA enjoys listening to other podcasts and wants to share an awesome quote she heard that ties into the weekly theme of “persistence.” In an interview with Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin said, “the narrative isn’t done to you, you create the narrative.” Wow. This message really resonated with LILA and hopefully it will do so with you.

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Tim Ferriss Podcast: Seth Godin on How to Think Small to Go Big

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