Episode 33 – Dance Like No One is Watching

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What LILA has been up to [01:19]

Big changes are happening to the 3D LILA show. LILA can’t allow herself to hide behind the interviews anymore. Starting now, she will alternate shows with an update about herself and her journey one week followed by an interview the next. LILA feels it’s important to be accountable and this new format might just be the kick in the pants that she needs.

Conversation with Lori Bonn, CEO/Founder of Lori Bonn Design [04:29]

LILA is happy to interview her friend, Lori Bonn, talented jewelry designer behind Lori Bonn Designs and fellow LILA. In this week’s episode, Lori shares a unique dance class that she is so committed to that she’s willing to drive an hour to attend.

Picture yourself in a gym for a two-hour dance class with 150 men and women. There is no instructor, only a DJ, and people are dancing freely, however the music moves them. Lori says it’s fantastic! She jokes with LILA that it’s like going to a club, sober, and with bright lights all on a Sunday morning! (Sounds nothing like a club, actually!)

Physical and Emotional Workout [06:58]

feetLori became intrigued when reading about the dance class in a blog post. She fell in love and now goes every week for both a physical and emotional workout. She explains that no one talks, and, therefore, she knows very little about any of the other people. This freeing class allows her to let down her guard and lose herself in the music and movements.

LILA and Lori discuss how people are different and should choose exercises that work for them, not what is popular. Free dance works for Lori. She leaves class exhilarated and energized and looking forward to the next week. For more information about classes and locations, check out www.openfloor.org.

Exercise and being vulnerable [16:36]

Lori admits that she doesn’t really do any other workouts on a regular basis. She tries to add in some walks and hikes but figures that she is getting enough exercise in just one dance class.

LILA thought about going too to check it out but got a strange vibe from Lori about it. Lori admits she was concerned as she thought she would feel vulnerable and feared being judged. In this class, you are anonymous – she doesn’t know the others and is able to be free and not concern herself with what they think of her—and vice versa. Bringing a friend could change this dynamic and alter the experience.

Thanks for sharing Lori.

Fun questions for Lori [22:45]

Favorite food: Pumpkin pie

Favorite technology: Pokemon Go

Next episode: LILA talks to Amy Ziff, CEO/Founder of MadeSafe about toxicants.

Significant Quotes


“Imagine 150 people in a gym…dancing as if they were in their living rooms by themselves in the dark.”

“For the most part, I come out really energized….really buzzed.”

“If I don’t go for a couple of weeks, my brain chemistry needs it.”


“So, it’s a little like going to a club, on a Sunday morning, in a gym.”

“Mostly, I want to take naps after working out.”

“Did I just connect jewelry to Pokemon Go?!”


Lori Bonn Designs: loribonn.com

Open Floor International: openfloor.org

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