Episode 30 – The “Wo”man in the mirror

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What LILA has been up to [01:16]

LILA’s mini-me is a delicate little sucker. Even with some creative and protective packaging, 3DLILA is getting banged up during her travels. LILA doesn’t mind though, because just as in real life, we all have some bumps and bruises.

Conversation with Farhad from Naked Labs [05:37]

Farhad Farahbakhshian, Co-Founder, CEO

LILA interviews Farhad from Naked Labs, the creator of a smart mirror that tracks changes to your body. This mirror, called Naked, is embedded with sensors that scan your body for biometrics including body fat, muscle, and weight. By simply standing on a rotating scale, the mirror creates a custom 3D image of you! Compare these images over time, and you can visualize the changes that have occurred in your body.

3D LILA versus the Naked mirror [7:40]

LILA is fascinated by the Naked mirror and compares it to her 3D printed mini-me. Whereas 3DLILA is a printed 3D version of herself, the Naked mirror generates a digital 3D image that the user can access on the Naked app. The benefits are the same—both have created a way to show changes occurring in your body.

Where did the idea for the Naked mirror come from? [12:10]

Although Farhad is an electrical engineer by trade, the idea for the Naked mirror came from his experience as a spin instructor. It bothered him that 80% of his class stopped coming after their New Year’s resolutions wore off. However, he was curious what motivated the remaining 20%. Farhad determined it was because they had been able to visualize their progress and made the correlation that what they were doing had a positive impact on their bodies.

How fast can someone see results with the Naked Mirror? [16:08]

Most people can expect to see changes in a week which can vary as does your diet and exercise regime. Farhad recommends scanning your body on a daily basis, but then suggests waiting a week to check your progress on the Naked app.

Why was the Naked Mirror designed for use in the home? [23:01]

Farhad wants you to have a comfortable experience that is incorporated into your normal routine and done in the privacy of your own homes.

Farhad asks LILA a question about 3DLILA [25:32]

The tables are turned when Farhad asks LILA how she feels when she shows off her mini-me. LILA says that it’s a vulnerable experience but fun at the same time as people always laugh and seem to enjoy it. LILA gets a bit emotional and discusses her own struggle with her weight and body image. She’s learning not to hold onto her mistakes anymore but rather look at her failures as a way to learn about herself. Farhad shares his belief that people are happiest when they can see their progress.

How to get your own Naked mirror [30:43]

As of now, Naked Labs is taking pre-orders. Only $95 down and the rest is due when your Naked mirror is shipped. You can click here to order and get a discount for being a 3D LILA listener!

Fun questions for Farhad [32:29]

Favorite food: Triscuits and cottage cheese

Favorite technology: Virtual Reality

Thoughts this week [36:58]

LILA loves to push herself and is intrigued by the idea of adventure racing. She has found a new favorite show, Boundless, which showcases people doing extreme races. LILA is inspired by Rory Bosio’s positive attitude as she completed a 100-mile marathon in Chile, sustained by Coca-Cola. Check out the show and be amazed!

Next episode: Michael Petch, 3D printed food expert

Significant Quotes


“If you ever go to the scale aisle in an electronics store, it’s a pretty grim place.”

“When people are making progress, they are the most happy. It’s never about what they actually look like, it’s about the changes they are seeing.”


“When I hand her [3DLILA] to people, the immediate reaction is generally laughter and a little awkwardness because they are holding a semi-naked version of me in their hands.”

“I think about being morbidly obese and how much it hurts….it physically hurts when you are that overweight.”

“There’s still an enormous amount of baggage that I carry when it comes to my weight and I am trying to divest myself of that every day.”


Want a Naked 3D Fitness Tracker for yourself? Naked Labs is offering 3D LILA listeners $50 off! Click here or on the mirror below to reserve your Naked 3D Fitness Tracker and get a $50 discount.

Perspective View.png
Click for $50 Naked 3D Fitness Tracker

Boundless with Rory Bosio


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