Episode 29 – Vacation+Fitness+Fun People=Yes Please!

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UPDATE 6.20.2016

Escape to Shape is offering 3D LILA listeners a $200 discount for any Escape to Shape or Destination Detox trip. Just mention 3D LILA when you send your inquiry to info@escapetoshape.com to receive the discount. Offer valid for any reservation made by December 31, 2016. Your trip can be scheduled after December 31, 2016.

What LILA has been up to [01:20]

LILA was honored to MC the 5K race for Girls on the Run. This amazing organization inspires young girls through fitness to be confident, happy and healthy. LILA loved the experience and truly wishes there had been a program like this when she was young.

Conversation with Erica from Escape to Shape [05:01]

LILA happily reconnects with her friend, Erica from Escape to Shape. Erica’s company offers fitness vacations to different destinations around the world. Escape to Shape is truly unique because their focus is not just on fitness. They offer a week of wellness that combines fitness, culture and bit of luxury.

What can you expect on a trip with Escape to Shape? [08:04]

First and foremost, expect to eat some yummy food! Erica says that the menu is adapted from the local cuisine and emphasizes fresh and healthy foods. The vacations offer time for group fitness, adventures and hikes around the locale, and plenty of time to rest and relax in the luxurious accommodations. Escape to Shape has created the perfect combination for their guests to re-discover themselves while discovering a new culture.

LILA tells us that she especially enjoyed being able to choose what activities she wanted to do. Erica feels it’s important for their guests to have a well-balanced vacation. There is no judgment if someone chooses to sleep in or skip a class. The focus is on each person being able to recharge both mentally and physically.

Escape to Shape at Angkor Wat

Go with a friend or go alone? [11:33]

Erica says that they enjoy having all types of people come on their trips. Sometimes friends decide to go on a girls getaway while others choose to go alone. It’s all up to each person and what she is looking for on her vacation.

What is something unusual that happened? [14:33]

Hosting week-long adventures around the world involves extensive planning. While Erica and her company are pros at it, not everything can be anticipated. Erica tells what happened when a volcano erupted during one of their trips.

Fulfilling people’s hunger without food [16:22]

Erica’s trips have made her acutely aware of poverty around the world. Juxtapose this with the rising trend in obesity. Erica feels that the reason why many people overeat is because of an emotional hunger, not a physical hunger. She is interested in helping people discover the reasons behind their emotional eating—and fulfill their hunger without food.

Fun questions for Erica [24:01]

Favorite food: her mother’s tacos, and all mexican food

Favorite technology: 3D printing

Thoughts this week [29:25]

LILA is trying something new—2-a-days. LILA breaks down her workout into two different times. The idea is to do the exercise that works for you when it works for you. So, LILA plans to run in the mornings and do yoga in the evenings because that’s what works for her!

Next episode: LILA talks with Farhad, Co-founder and CEO of Naked Labs about their cutting edge mirror.

Significant Quotes


“I curate wellness weeks that combine fitness with culture and luxury in unique destinations around the world.”

“Our motto is moderation, not deprivation. It really is about having a well-balanced vacation…we attract a lot of Type A’s.”

“Fruit doesn’t have to look so pretty. It will taste delicious still.”


“Go check out Girls on the Run. They are everything that I wish I’d had when I was age 8-12 years old.”

“I found after my first time doing this sort of vacation, that it was actually better to do it by myself because the people that come to these things are kind of remarkable.”

“I can do my yoga stretchy thing while the TV is on…with the exception of Game of Thrones.”


Girls on the Run

Escape to Shape

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