Episode 28 – Do you think Focus or Gratitude will help you on your weight loss journey?

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What LILA has been up to [01:16]

LILA thinks creating a podcast is magical. Making the 3D LILA show involves a blend of skype, technology, and sometimes comfy pajamas! Some of her favorite podcasts include Ben Greenfield Fitness, The Broad Experience, and NPR’s Radio Lab.

Conversation with Holly Goodwin, Fitness and Life Coach [04:48]

LILA is excited to have Holly Goodwin on the show, a fitness and life coach. They met online through a Facebook group called The Fempire, a super cool group of women who support each other and showcase their work. Holly wrote an article on Mindful Eating that really intrigued LILA. Holly’s philosophy is that how we eat can have a much greater impact on us than what we eat.


Mindful Eating [07:46]

Holly believes strongly in the concept of mindful eating—taking the time to listen to what your body is telling you that it wants and needs.  Holly says it’s important to slow down and ask ourselves if we are really hungry in that moment. If we truly want to eat something, Holly says to go ahead and have it. But take time to savor it, eat it slowly, enjoy it. Holly says we need to honor and listen to what our bodies are craving.

Holly’s personal story [14:10]

Holly was a competitive fitness athlete early in her career. Although she looked her best physically, she was emotionally at her worst. Holly realized that this was not a healthy lifestyle and it was time for a change.

Science of Gratitude [16:52]

Holly implements the concept of gratitude into her daily life. She explains that there are scientific, beneficial changes to our bodies at the cellular level when we incorporate gratitude in our diets. Our bodies are truly magnificent and know what they need to function well, we just need to listen.

Beloved Clients [20:03]

Holly refers to her clients as her beloved clients because she feels they are her greatest teachers. She tells us of working with one client who has now found a healthy balance between food and exercise.

Fun questions for Holly [24:46]

  • Favorite food: Oysters and Eggplant Parmesan (her mom’s recipe)
  • Favorite technology: Meditation Apps, such as Simply Being and Meditate Slim

Thoughts this week [27:52]

LILA is hugely disappointed in the recent NY Times article about the science between metabolism and weight gain in a study of The Biggest Loser show contestants. Although she’s not surprised by the scientific results, she was upset by the message it sent—just give up because you’re always going to be fat. Really?!?! LILA is all worked up about it! She’d love to hear your thoughts on this controversial article.

On a lighter note … It’s also time for a big shoutout to LILA’s friend, Fro Fro. She just completed her 30th Half Marathon. Way to go!

Next episode: LILA chats Erica from Escape to Shape.

Significant Quotes


“I would say honor the ice cream voice.”

“I really had to begin with gratitude and say I have this one vessel and this is my body. My heart beats for me, my bones hold me up. I need to be grateful for that.”

“I spoke to my clients as my beloved clients. Because they truly are my greatest teachers.”


“We should absolutely bow down to the Fempire and give them complete and utter props for bringing the two of us together.”

“I am totally making a t-shirt that says ‘Ice Cream? Yes, I deserve it!’”

“I fundamentally was disappointed in the article. The message it sent to everybody was ‘Just give up, you’re fat.’ I refuse to take that path. I refuse to give up.”


Holly Goodwin Contact Information:

Holly Goodwin’s article:  http://www.charlottesbook.com/author/holly_goodwin/

Smitten Ice Cream (ice cream made with nitrogen)


New York Times article: After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight



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