Episode 27 – When I wasn’t there, I wished I was there

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What LILA has been up to [01:20]

LILA is awestruck—the winning time at the 2016 London Marathon was 2 hours and 3 minutes! Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 3.57.54 PM

She concedes that she can’t even run a 1/2 Marathon in that time. After being a part of the London Marathon twice before, LILA decides to go for it again and put her name in for 2017 Marathon lottery. It’s a long shot to even be chosen, but LILA is pumped.

Conversation with Meghan Palma, CrossFit Coach & LILA [5:45]

LILA chats with Meghan, another Late in Life Athlete who decided to make a change for the better. Meghan shares how she worked 12 hours a day at a sedentary job. She gained weight and felt bad, both physically and mentally. After many attempts to find a type of exercise that worked for her, Meghan learned about CrossFit—from a bumper sticker!

CrossFit was a perfect match for Meghan because she felt an immediate sense of community. LILA and Meghan discuss how important it is to find your fitness niche. What works for one person may not work for another. You’ll know you found it when you start to crave the next workout.

What is CrossFit? [14:23]

CrossFit is a fitness methodology, a combination of elements from the endurance, gymnastic, and weightlifting worlds. Each day’s workout is different, typically lasting an hour. Meghan says that participants do movements that are applicable to real life—running, jumping, pressing, pushing, pulling. Add a sense of team building and community, and CrossFit has a found a winning combination that brings people back for more.

Exercise ADD [18:40]

LILA has diagnosed herself with Exercise ADD. Workouts like yoga or running on a treadmill are boring and she is easily distracted. Instead, she likes to run outdoors where there is a change in scenery. Meghan feels that this variety is what keeps people in her classes hooked. CrossFit classes definitely have variety and it’s rare to do the exact workout twice.

Meghan’s pivotal moment in life [20:05]

LILA was truly moved by something Meghan said about CrossFit classes: “When I wasn’t there, I wished I was there.” Meghan explains that as a court reporter, she was overworked and had very few joyful moments in her day. However, when she discovered CrossFit, she found happiness and thrived in the positive environment. She felt she was part of something bigger than herself and wanted to be there all of the time. When the opportunity to become a full-time instructor presented itself, she knew it was time to make a change and said YES!

Meghan loves going to work each day, feeling like she is making a difference in people’s lives. She enjoys helping people accomplish their goals. Her days are now filled with purpose and she has truly found her passion.

Fun questions for Meghan [26:01]

Favorite food: Noodles, all varieties
Favorite technology: Social Fitness Apps, such as SugarWOD

Lessons this week [30:38]

LILA is feeling tempted to go to a CrossFit class, aren’t you? LILAs advice for us today is to “find yo thang!” There are so many different types of exercise, so keep looking until you find what you love. Now get moving!

Significant Quotes


“What separates CrossFit from so many other fitness methods that I had come across was an immediate sense of community, an immediate sense of support.”

“The culture of CrossFit is to go back to the simple movements of early humans.”

“I think that when you have a career that’s right for you, you do bounce out of bed in the morning.”


“I full on have a super girl crush on Meghan now!”

“You’re a poster child for a) follow your curiosity and b) follow it up with your passion.”

“It’s never, ever too late to change. It just starts with giving it a try and seeing what happens. You never know…you might surprise yourself.”

Next time on 3D LILA

We have a special guest from an organization I’m part of called The Fempire, Holly Goodwin. How intriguing does that sound?


CrossFit Sausalito:  http://crossfitsausalito.com/

Meghan’s email: meghan@crossfitsausalito.com

Meghan’s Instagram: meghanclarecf

SugarWOD Fitness App:  https://www.sugarwod.com/

London Marathon 2017




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