Episode 25 – Unleashing the Power of Community

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What LILA Has Been Up To [00:56]

LILA keeps it simple and lets this episode be about Dave and Group U Training.

Conversation with Dave from OMSignal and Group U Training [03:27]

Dave explains to LILA about Group U and his passion to bring the community together marry up the benefits of social interaction and fitness. He started offering free training about 5 years ago when a friend suggested he open their training sessions to others. What once was a couple of people has grown to classes of about 70 people with membership of about 800!

Training sessions are outside most of the 3 seasons, but the winters allow this Montreal group to train in a beautiful building atop of Mount Royal. As the group is so huge, people come to watch the training sessions. Sessions work in a circle with the coach in the middle. The sessions are based on body weight and mat pilates. The members also use what’s around them like water bottles and stairs. Most importantly, the session has to be accessible to everyone – everyone from someone who has just gotten off the couch to an iron man triathlete.

Fitness programs can be very isolating. Dave heard from many members that this program has changed their lives. He and LILA discuss the mental and emotional benefits of being in a group. Members find themselves in a safe place with people who care while learning how to eat and work out properly. The group is not only a fitness and social group, it becomes a quasi family.

Dave and LILA get all philosophical about the life changes that need to happen to get physically and mentally healthy. LILA talks about focusing on the little habits of life. Dave explains that we live in a socially disconnected but technologically connected world. We are very isolated, especially at the gym. We need a community to succeed.

LILA really wants Group U to expand beyond Montreal. While Dave wants this too, he wants to make sure each Group U chapter has face to face contact as the real power is social connectivity. A new chapter requires someone with the same passion of Dave. If you’re interested, contact Dave at davidmackey34@gmail.com.

LILA and Dave talk about competition and support of our peers. They both agree that, in general, women get the concept of competing with yourself and not necessarily with others.

Lessons This Week [38:48]

Like Dave, LILA does this podcast purely for the joy of it. Joy is such an important part of life, LILA wonders what it is that you do that is just fun or joyous.

Next Time on 3D LILA

We have a guest who’s an expert on fringe uses of technology – like 3d printing food!



“Physical fitness … is as important as being fit mentally and emotionally.”

“[Group U] is a true melting pot.”

“If your foundation isn’t strong (meaning your core) , then it’s really hard to focus on other stuff like running, cycling…”

“It took me a good two years before I really understand the power of what was taking place.”

“It’s seems that everyone who joins Group U is good people.”

“At Group U, time slows down while you’re getting healthy.”


“I’m a little manic about running alone, especially as I’m a social person.”

“We don’t talk about the habits of life.”


Group U Training Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/grouputraining/

Contact information: davidmackey34@gmail.com

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