Episode 24 – What’s in your tummy? Adventures in the gut biome

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What LILA has been up to [00:56]

So you’ve heard about probiotics. Well, prebiotics are the latest forefront of research. LILA has been reading a ton about the gut biom and our symbiotic relationship with bacteria. We are all truly unique special flowers and just a host to these millions of teeny critters that make us who we are.

Conversation with Jack from ISOThrive [04:29]

Jack and LILA met in Vancouver at TED and found a common interest – the gut biom. Jack explains that ISOThrive is prebiotic, a soluble fiber designed to fill in the gaps for your gut. Our food is so processed that the prebiotics have been taken out. Research shows that if your gut bugs are fed properly, all kinds of chronic diseases can result. It helps boost immunity, control hunger, and achieve better digestive balance.

Jack’s personal journey

Jack was working at Louisiana State University when he heard about the newest research into prebiotics and their benefits. After a prolonged illness, he began to take them. He immediately experienced increased energy levels, wasn’t hungry, and his seasonal allergies are gone.

Craving Carbs

LILA asks Jack if prebiotics will help with those afternoon munchies, especially for carbs. Jack explains that bacteria help regulate signals to let you know if you’re hungry or not. When the signals are in balance, you don’t eat as you’re body is telling you not to. LILA is going to see how she might correlate this with her intuitive eating experiment.

Veggies and Prebiotics

Why aren’t veggies giving us all the fiber we need? The conversation gets icky here. Think of veggies as a bus pushing things through your gut (and beyond.) That fiber is insoluble. Soluble fiber aka prebiotics convert that fiber into energy. Fiber gets a bad wrap, but manufactured fiber is usually by-product that causes gas and constipation. Pure soluble fiber wont’ do that. Jack emphasizes that he and his team a dedicated to the science behind it all and continually doing more research. Check out The Nerd’s Page for all the science talk.

Do we still need Probiotics?

LILA wonders if we still need yogurt or kombucha and other probiotics in our diet. It really isn’t an either/or, Jack says. Both have uses. Probiotics are like sending in more troops for the army, but prebiotics feed that army. He encourages you to experiment to see if you like or even need both.

ISO Thrive

You can get ISOThrive sent to you as an individual box. However, Jack recommends the subscription plan as it’s a better deal. You can cancel anytime. The team would love for you to join and become a member of the ISO-Tribe and give feedback to help with their research.

NOTE: 3DLILA listeners get 50% off! Follow this link – isot.us/3DLila

Fun questions for Jenn

Favorite food: pork, specifically prime rib of pork

Favorite technology: CRISPR technology – genetic manipulation of food with absolute precision.

Lessons This Week [36:16]

Confession – LILA was dubios when interviewing Jack. She had just started taking ISOThrive and hadn’t seen much change in her body. Just recently things have started to shift. LILA becomes philosophical about change and habits. There is no quick fix. Conversations with friends made her realize that eating in itself is a habit. We go back to habit. It’s not about will power. It’s about the minuscule things. LILA is so curious about how all the little things add up to make the big. She’d love to hear you’re take.

Significant Quotes


“It’s actually creating a happy space before you’re eating.”

“You’ve put the right materials in the engine of you, and the whole machine is working better”

“Carbs and I have a co-dependent relationship … but carbohydrates aren’t the devil.”

“See a problem. Solve a problem. Move on.”

“Sounds like there’s Armageddon going on in my body everyday.”

“This is an adventure of exploration.”


“I had nice energizer bunny experience throughout the day”

“It’s almost an act of will to eat too much as opposed to the other way around.”

“There’s a big ick factor there.”

“It’s as is you’ve made bread without the crust. We make the crust.”

“You can add a few recruits to your army, but if you set up a supply chain … you can win the war.”

“We’re just at the beginning of understanding the complexities of these thousand of bacteria … and their roles.”


TED Talk – How our microbes make us who we are

TED Talk – Are we gods now? Jennifer Kahn talks CRISPR at TED2016


Next time on 3D LILA

Dave from OM Signal returns to talk about running, distance running, and his running group.

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