Episode 19 – Ditch the Scale

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What LILA has been up to [00:57]

LILA is working on the mental part of her journey. She’s taking Daymond John’s advice and setting some goals for herself. He says it’s important to not only make a list of your goals, but to also determine the WHY behind them. LILA’s decided it’s time to stop focusing on what other people think of her. Your opinion of yourself is all that matters.

Conversation with Greg from Fit3D [05:48]

This week LILA interviews the creator of Fit3D a company that generates 3D body scans to measure fitness and wellness. Greg shares how his mother’s personal fitness story was the catalyst for the creation of Fit3D. Like many of us, his mom was doing everything right to try to lose weight and be more fit. However, after a time she lost her motivation simply because the scale stopped moving. Even though she was leaner, stronger, and certainly more fit, the stubborn scale mentally defeated her and she quit her program in frustration.

Greg is committed to using technology to help people just like his mom. A Fit3D body scan can be used as a tool to help someone truly see themselves. Better yet, the comparison of several scans taken over time is a way to visually view progress. This can be a huge motivator to continue healthy lifestyle changes.

Other uses of the Fit3D scanner [10:55]

FIT3D was created for the fitness world as a means of feedback and motivation. LILA wonders about other applications of this 3D technology. Greg explains that there is a vast market for the data that their scanners gather. Data collected have countless potential uses—from the clothing industry to the medical world to manufacturing. Imagine having a chair designed specifically for your body based on your scan. The possibilities are endless.

The Fit3D scanning experience [16:01]

LILA is shocked to hear that Greg scanned himself over 3,000 times! During the early years, he and his wife set up the prototype in their garage and used themselves as test subjects.

When LILA was scanned at Fit3D, she was impressed with what she calls the “self-service” experience. It was quite private and easy to use. Afterwards, she received an email with the results and a 3D image of her body. She admits that she hasn’t looked at it yet. Her confidence level is still a bit off after the holidays and her “Cheese and Crackers” moment (Epsiode 17.)

#Ditchthescale movement [17:41]

Greg hopes that when their customers are scanned, they will think about their body shape and how they can change for the better. In an attempt to further motivate people, Fit3D created a #ditchthescale contest. Instead of using the scale as a measure of weight loss, this 8 week contest tracks how much volume a person loses in their gut and hip area. LILA definitely wants to be added to this contest!

NOTE: Fit3D’s #ditchthescale campaign has temporarily been suspended. They are in the process of revamping it and will relaunch soon. In the meantime, check out some of their users’ success stories at fit3d.com/user-scan-stories

Fun questions for Greg

  • Favorite food: grilled BBQ ribs
  • Favorite technology: drones and anything in the 3D printing space

Lessons this week [27:38]

Team 3DLILA wants to hear from YOU! Please take a moment and write us with answers to these questions:

  1. Are you participating?
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. What is your favorite technology?
  4. What else do you want LILA to talk about? This is for YOU as much as it is for her.

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Significant Quotes:


“This is a massive problem around the world….the lack of ability to get past the lifestyle changes necessary to live healthier lives.’ [8:06]

“The blessing and the curse of 3D body scanning is that you are literally taking the digital footprint of the surface of your body.” [11:21]

“Everything that you interact with touches the surface of your body…ergonomics and that type of data which is all around your body… is everything to your world, you just don’t know it.” [11:37]

“I am 5’10 inches, 200 pounds, and clinically obese via BMI.” [18:02]


“When I don’t worry about what anyone else thinks [of me]….I’m better.” [4:17]

“My guess is that your mom and I need to have a glass of wine and bond over this experience.” [9:16]

“Well, now I’m feeling bad for her because she is surrounded by Thin Mints.” [10:46]

“We are such unique individual flowers as human beings…we should also be with our diet.” [13:57]


Fit3D: www.Fit3D.com

Fit3d Facebook: facebook.com/fit3d

Fit3D Twitter: @fit3d

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