Episode 18: Soul Cycling Yourself to LILA-Ness

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What LILA has been up to [00:57]

After sharing her struggles last week, LILA is feeling more optimistic. She’s happy she took some time for a head check—she couldn’t move forward until she figured out what was holding her back.

LILA’s sneakers are burning up the road in pursuit of the 1,000 Mile Challenge. Although short of her monthly goal, she is making progress. That’s what counts. She also enjoyed an adventurous hike with a friend at the beautiful Castle Rock State Park. LILA really pushed her limits and enjoyed the “scrabbly” trail.

Conversation with Dr. Joan Fallon [06:05]

LILA is excited to interview Dr. Joan Fallon, another L.I.L.A. They met on a plane and hit it off immediately. Joan is the CEO of Curemark, a medical company that is creating a cure for autism. Joan shares with LILA how she was an athlete in her younger life, playing team sports like basketball. Yet, after starting her career, she found the stress of her job and life didn’t allow time for exercise. Her weight skyrocketed over the years and her health declined. She had to make a change.

Spinning away at SoulCycle [10:50]

Joan started with cycling. She bought a stationary bike and was slowly able to increase her time. Some friends encouraged her to go to a SPIN class, SoulCycle. What an experience that was! Joan shares her reaction after learning her shoes were going to be attached to the pedals of the bike. She didn’t think she could do it—but she did. Joan finished the class and came back again. Now, she loves it.

LILA is in awe of the bravery and courage Joan showed in going to a SPIN class. Joan certainly didn’t fit the stereotype of people who attend that kind of class. For LILA, the idea of being shut in a room on a bike with a group of athletic 20-year olds is torture. However, that’s why we all need to find the type of exercise that works for us. Find what YOU love and get moving.

Fighting judgment and negative self talk [16:07]

Joan shares her feelings on being content in her own body. As a child, her father taught her to do what you love and not be stopped by anyone else. This message has carried her through her lifetime. Even during a SoulCycle class—she doesn’t compare herself to anyone else. She’s there for herself and doesn’t worry about how she looks to others.

Joan says that what keeps her exercising each day is her dedication to her company. She must be healthy in body and spirit if she is to continue her very important work.

Other athletic pursuits [20:22]

In addition to cycling, Joan is venturing out into other forms of exercise. She is currently playing squash and hopes to enter some tournaments in the near future.

Fun questions for Joan [21:07]

  • Favorite food—lamb. But it must be lean—she’s actually allergic to mutton tallow (fat).
  • Favorite technology—real-time data capture and it’s application regarding movement in the medical field.

Lessons this week [25:27]

  1. Small increments lead to big numbers.
  2. Generally, there should be no talking on airplanes. Yet, if you do, you might get lucky and meet someone special.
  3. Be real. Be yourself. Don’t tell anyone you can’t.

Significant Quotes


“I look at my athletic career as having taking a hiatus for the most part of my middle part of my life.” [7:25]

“You want me to clip my feet onto this bike and lift myself up onto this bike?!” [13:14]

“I’m usually the oldest person and the biggest person in the room…and I can do what they’re doing..” [15:31]


“The vertigo got me, but the strength and fitness didn’t. I was a bit puffy in places.” [4:06]

“The current state was too painful to bear so therefore one much change sort of moment.” [9:34]

“The idea of being shut in a room with a bicycle that actually doesn’t go anywhere sounds like torture. Added on top of that, it’s with a bunch of skinny 20-year year olds wearing lululemon outfits.” [11:10]


Castle Rock State Park :  www.parks.ca.gov

Curemark: curemark.com

Curemark on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Curemark

Joan’s Twitter handle: @CuremarkCEO

SoulCycle:  www.soul-cycle.com

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