Episode 17 – Be better than the person you were yesterday

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What LILA has been up to [00:57]

It’s time for a head check. LILA needs to do some thinking and get her thoughts in order. If you’ve been following her journey, you’ll know that the next printed version of 3D LILA is long overdue. It’s time to figure out why.

During a recent car trip, LILA had an aha moment as she listened to some podcasts to help pass the miles. The Hidden Brain and Presence really resonate with LILA, both talking in their own ways about the need to be real with yourself. LILA is working on a speech about her 3D LILA experience. Is her speech telling her story in a real way or what she thinks people wanted to hear? It’s time to be real with herself … and us.

Conversation with LILA [07:30]

LILA is “interviewing” herself this week. It’s important to try to get to the core of what’s going on in her head. After the holidays, LILA got back on track with her diet and exercise. The joy of seeing the numbers fall on the scale soon turned to devastation after an evening of cheese and crackers. CHEESE AND CRACKERS!

LILA wonders why the scale has such power over her. LILA realizes that she is failing herself. Mini-LILA was created to help her during her journey and to keep her from obsessing about the scale. It’s time to use her tool as intended. Time to ditch the scale. The 3D printing countdown clock is off website too. She’ll print again when SHE is ready, not just because the calendar says she must. It’s time to be real.

Be kind to ourselves [14:30]

LILA shares the lyrics for “Forever and Forever” by Royal Wood. This song speaks to her in a different way than the writer probably intended. LILA believes it’s a reminder to be kind to herself. In doing so, she can move forward and discover who her future self will be.

These two rivers meet,
they run together.
I will be with you,
for worse or better.
We’ll keep traveling
long as the sun lies.
‘Cause my future met
and married your past.

When the stars
fade to black,
I will say:
Hey Hey Hey
I wanna run with you.
Hey Hey Hey
So let them call us fools.
Hey Hey Hey
I sing this song to prove:

Forever and ever and ever.
Forever and ever and ever.

Inquire for so long,
I didn’t notice.
Was lonely for someone
I didn’t know yet.
But now I chase the moon
to the horizon,
and you are still the one
I’ve got my eyes on.

When the stars
fade to black,
I will say:
Hey Hey Hey
I wanna run with you.
Hey Hey Hey

A new purpose and a plan [20:40]

  1. There is no date set to have a new 3D LILA printed. She’ll do it when she is ready.
  2. This journey is not about the scale or a calendar. It’s about becoming a Late in Life Athlete.
  3. This journey is for you too. It’s for anyone who can relate to LILA’s journey and struggles.
Lessons this week [23:13]

LILA recorded two interviews this week for upcoming episodes. The conversations with another LILA and Fit3D about their “Ditch The Scale” campaign are especially apropos after her revelations this week. She also listened to an Lewis Howes’s podcast with Daymon John from Shark Tank. LILA’s takeaway: “The only person you should be better than was the person you were yesterday.” Sometimes life’s timing is perfect.

Significant Quotes

“Was I telling the 3D LILA in the real way, or was I doing it in the way I thought people wanted to hear?” [5:29]

“You lunatic. Your whole journey and a good chunk of my speech is about how the scale for me is this monster and can ruin or make my day. “ [11:42]

“When I feel I am slimmer—when I feel like I shouldn’t look like the current 3DLILA does, then I’ll go get 3D Printed.” [13:51]

“Hold yourself with kindness, and then you can forgive yourself. If you can forgive yourself, you can actually get better.” [15:00]

“I didn’t know I needed this new person to be—this new me to exist.” [19:19]


Hidden Brain: Why It’s Not Too Late to Make a New Year’s Resolution

Amy Cuddy – Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

Forever and Ever by Royal Wood (YouTube)

Fit3D: www.fit3d.com

Lewis Howes’s podcast: Daymond John: The Power of Broke to Build Your Business

Daymon John – The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage



Next week: Interview with Joan Fallon, CEO of Curemark and fellow LILA.


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