Episode 10: Building Bravery Muscles and a Holiday Fitness Challenge!

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3D LILA Update [1:05]

Fa, La, La, la, la…the Holidays are here! Are you like LILA? Looking forward to the holidays, but also dreading the food challenges you’ll face at parties and family gatherings? You’re not alone. LILA urges us to celebrate with “mindfulness and thoughtfulness—not ‘hooverness’.”

LILA is still a busy-bee, buzzing to Atlanta this week. At a speaking engagement, she shared the importance of having “Little Courage.” It’s the idea of taking one day at a time — a lesson most of us struggle with. Sometimes sharing mini LILA with others is difficult — even when speaking to a group about courage!

Also, did you know that you have to build the muscle of bravery? Yep. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have to train yourself to make courage and bravery a part of your everyday strategy.

Want to hear LILA speak in person? Contact her on her website, www.joannabloor.com. Maybe she’ll even bring 3D LILA!

Pushing Yourself Beyond the Boundary in Fitness [07:13]

So how did LILA get her start as a Late in Life Athlete? How did she figure out that running was her thing? It started in 2002—after her aha moment in Hawaii (revealed in Episode 1). She came to the decision that she had to make a change. So, she started taking walks during her lunch breaks on the beautiful Embarcadero in San Francisco. Walking led to a bit of jogging, and to her discovery that she actually liked to run!

Sharks, Wetsuits, and Sprint Triathlons [9:35]

LILA never thought she’d be a runner, so imagine her surprise when her friend, Miss Fro Fro, suggested she do a sprint triathlon! But LILA had one very important condition: they had to find a race with a fresh water lake—no swimming in the ocean for her. Duh, DUN… Duh, DUN! (JAWS theme song). Remember—this was before LILA started working on the the muscle of bravery.

So, off to Austin she and Miss Fro Fro went for her first triathlon. LILA donned a wetsuit, swam 1/2 mile, rode her bike for 12 miles, and ran 3.1 miles—and FINISHED. And guess what? She loved it so much that she made this a 9 year annual tradition! Do you think you could do this? You never know until you try. You might just surprise yourself!

LILA and FroFro celebrate at the finish line.

Exercise: Try Something New [14:53]

What kind of exercise do YOU enjoy?

LILA learned a few things about herself during her triathlon experience. Although she loved running—and was adequate with swimming—biking was definitely NOT something she excelled at. Going downhill on a bike was terrifying. And as for going uphill, wouldn’t it just be more efficient to get off your bike and walk up it?!

LILA has tried it all—Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Zumba, and even Step Aerobics. Some she liked, others she didn’t. But that’s the key, isn’t it? You can’t find your “thing” without trying new things. Get out there and try a new form of exercise. Shake things up. You must be brave—and not afraid to make an idiot out of yourself!

3D Printing Technology [20:35]

LILA is fascinated with all of the new applications of 3D Printing that are popping up. She shares her excitement upon learning that New Balance wants to use 3D printing to print the sole of a running shoe. Seriously…how cool is that? You can have a shoe built specifically for your foot!

What else could 3D printing be used for? Golf clubs? Your office chair? Anything that could be customized for an individual user could have a benefit. Again, super cool!

Go get yourself 3D Printed! [23:33]

A big shout out to a listener Shelby who has decided to get a 3D print of herself. Welcome to the 3D family! Want to get one of yourself, too? It’s not too late. Go to Shapify for a 3D printing or you can just get scanned at Fit 3D or at a Sports Basement location.

3D LILA Advent Fitness Challenge [24:35]

Want to have some fun starting out the holiday season? Join Team 3D LILA in their 2nd annual Advent Fitness Challenge. It starts on Dec 1st and you’ll do a few exercises, building in number of repetitions each day.  What better way to get yourself in shape BEFORE the holidays?

Check out the specifics here at 3D LILA Advent Fitness Challenge  and then join us on Facebook to share your stories.

Significant quotes

“Do it with mindfulness and thoughtfulness, and not ‘hooverness’.” [2:13]

“You can’t run the marathon tomorrow. You have to train for it.” [5:13]

“Going from morbidly obese to still fairly rotund.” [9:12]

“I am a child of the Jaws generation.” [11:54]

“My first race was actually not a run. It was a triathlon.” [14:42]

“I never really enjoyed it [biking]….maybe [it was] the fear of falling off and taking half my skin with it.” [15:23]

“Who knew that getting up and down off a box would be my thing!” [17:38]

“You have to work the bravery muscle, not just the muscle-muscle when you’re trying to get strong.” [19:57]

“If you are not the manufacturer of the object being 3D printed, what do you own?” [21:41]

“How do you make sure your stuff FITS for performance?” [22:47]

“As you can see, food issues started early for us.” [25:41]

“Comment away about how much you want to kill me on even doing one burpee.” [27:18]

“Guess what? You’ve already kicked your butt and it’s December.” [28:03]

Links Mentioned

Joanna Bloor:  www.joannabloor.com

Laura Froelich (FroFro) on Twitter: www.twitter.com/laurafrofro

Danskin Triathlon:  http://www.irongirl.com

Article on New Balance Shoes –3D Printing:  www.techtimes.com

Shapify:  https://shapify.me/

Fit 3D:  http://www.fit3d.com/fit3d-locations/

Sports Basements:  http://www.sportsbasement.com/stores/

3D LILA Advent Challenge:  https://3dlila.wordpress.com/3d-lila-annual-advent-fitness-challenge/


Next Episode: LILA interviews Springer Husbey, the voice behind GingerWorks Health & Nutrition.

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