Episode 9: Are You a Cyantist? Adding an “A” to the STEM World

This episode is dedicated to my brother-in-law, the biggest nerd of all.

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3D LILA Update [1:03]

LILA has been on the go! So busy in fact that she’s a bit worn out and a portion of this week’s episode is recorded in her hotel room—in her PAJAMAS!

What’s kept her so busy? The other half of “Team 3D LILA” has been zooming around the country leading Speed Mentoring events and meeting with the amazing women of Hi Power.

3D LILA also loves to travel, and this week got to meet some new BFFs in Atlanta, GA at Carat Ad Agency. It was during this visit that LILA realized that even though she can “talk the talk” about having Courage, sometimes it’s still hard to “walk the walk.”

With all of this travel, 3D LILA 1.0 is looking a little rough. She’s been been dropped a few times with body parts being broken off. But that’s ok because isn’t that how we are in real life sometimes? All we need is bit of glue, some time, and then on we go—imperfections and all.

Interview with Barbara Hanna, CEO of Cyant [9:13]

LILA interviews Barbara Hanna, a brilliant female scientist—or as LILA calls her, “way smarty pants.” Regardless of intelligence levels, they find that they have a common interest in 3D printing, self driving cars, and even space travel!

Barbara shares her educational background and career path and how they led to her interest in studying 3D Printing. Her company, Cyant, is focused on showing how 3D Printing can be used in educational experiences.

The Panel-Demonstration with 3D Printing [15:35]

A defining moment for Barbara was when she was the only technical woman on an all-women panel.  She created an interactive demonstration to not only share her ideas with everyone, but to also showcase to the audience that a scientific woman is fully capable of bringing a technical experience.

STEAM vs. STEM [18:40]

They also talk about the inclusion of the Arts in education. The new movement is to focus on STEAM. This takes the current acronym of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and adds an Art component or “A” to make STEAM. The arts and the sciences working in combination to create amazing things!

Barbara’s Food Blog-Morning Berries [20:07]

Barbara’s other passion is food. We learn how multifaceted she is as she talks about her food and cooking blog, Morning Berries. Although not tech driven, it is Barbara’s personal outlet and anchor to her French roots. Surprisingly, she has found that there are in fact connections between 3D printing and food.

Cyant and 3D Printing [23:38]

LILA wants to know more about Cyant! Barbara shares that Cyant’s mission statement is the desire to “connect art and technology, foster learning, creativity, and engagement.” They have found that kids want to play and create and see the results of their designs in a tangible way—3D printing allows them to do this.  Check out their website to see some beautiful projects. You can help support Cyant and their efforts by donating money at Indiegogo Project .

Be Brave [31:50]

LILA talks about “curiosity,” specifically her curiosity about technology and 3D printing. She shares how lucky she was to grow up in the 90’s with the tremendous growth in the tech world. LILA admits she is a tad obsessed with the idea of self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, Bond (formerly Hello Bond), and Google Cardboard.

3D Printing & Space Travel [36.12]

Have you ever thought about some of the applications of 3D printing? How about deep space travel? If you could fix a broken tool with a 3D printer in space, you’d never have to bring tools or spare parts if you could easily make your own…in space. Wow!

Join in the 3D printing craze [41:02]

LILA has heard stories that some of you have gotten yourself 3D printed too. YAY! Please share your pictures on Twitter. However, if you can’t get yourself 3D printed like she has done at Shapify, try using a virtual printer called Fit 3D. Give them a try!

Significant quotes

“To not only support each other….but to give us a big swift kick in the tuckus!” [3:03]

“I snapped her feet off….more than once!” [6:12]

“Way smarty pants on the other side of the microphone.” [12:04]

“I was the only technical woman on this panel.” [15:51]

“You can all see why I have a girl crush on Barbara, because she’s all sorts of fabulous. [23.22]

“You just opened a Pandora’s box on awesomeness.” [30:15]

“I was in the right place at the right time with the right skill set.” [32:54]

“I want self driving cars….tomorrow.” [33:34]

“How do you recycle your own stuff to make new stuff?” [39:48]

Links Mentioned

LWT Speed Mentoring – www.lwtspeedmentoring2015.com

Cyant – www.cyant.co

Morning Berries (Barbara’s foodie blog) – www.morningberries.com

Cyant’s Indiegogo Campaign – www.indiegogo.com

Cyant’s twitter: @iamacyantist

Barbara’s twitter: @bh_tweets

Cyant’s FaceBook: www.facebook.com/cyantco

Google Cardboard – www.google.com/get/cardboard/

NASA Scientist article (3D printing in space)

Fit 3D Locations – www.fit3d.com

Niki Wekheiser, 3D printing – www.twitter.com/jovei111

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