Episode 8: We love ice cream and avocado!

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3D LILA update [1:04]

Big news! There are two LILAs … LILA 1.0 and LILA 2.0. After a long and somewhat panicked wait, LILA got her new measurements. Measurements of a cross section of her body shows a reduction of 6 cm. However, the scale hasn’t changed a lot. Hmmmm. LILA will be going back on December 14 to get LILA 3.0.What do you think of the before and after photo? Comment below, on Facebook, or Twitter (@3DLILA).

Profiles      ContourMeasurements1

Thanks for the Twitter shout-out Annie Rogaski. Check out her podcast on HIPLegal.com and listen to Annie talk about Intellectual Property and awesome women in business.

Interview with Ash, Co-Founder of Thistle [5:16]

At the Thistle headquarters, LILA and Ash have a great chat in LILA’s car. They realize that the sounds of veggies being chopped and juices whirring in a blender are not a great place to have an interview.

LILA asks Ash about himself and his inspiration for Thistle. Ash admits that, as a corporate lawyer, he was miserable eating not so good food on the “street food diet” or “no eating diet.” He realized that even though he made time to work out, he was still unwell and putting on weight. His limited time only allowed him to either choose unhealthy options or nothing at all. That light bulb moment was the inspiration for creating a way for people like him to have healthy, nutritious food readily available.

The Food [9:22]

Ash explains that Thistle has chosen foods and diets based on data and peer reviews. A Stanford study noted that a plant based diet helps lower cholesterol, decreases in heart disease, etc. in the long term. LILA admits that the variety of fruits and vegetables from Thistle stop her from craving sugary treats. Thistle knows that variety will keep people on track. Even if foods are healthy, if someone eats the same thing day after day, she will look elsewhere for options. A core component of Thistle’s subscription based food program is not only to provide great food but to change and be different over an extended period of time. Again, based on scientific research, Thistle focuses on foods that are gluten free, plant based, and organic. LILA asks Ash how they select the foods, what their origins are, and why some don’t need to be organic. Both agree that being in the Bay Area is a tremendous advantage. The freshness and availability of local nutritious foods allows Thistle to be so successful and for its customers to enjoy a assortment of deliciousness.

How do people use Thistle? [17:25]

Ash lays out all the options that Thistle has for your dietary choices, how many meals you want a day and per week, your delivery options, etc. The subscription time takes about 90 seconds and easily changed when logging in. LILA notes that there is special hook outside her door for Thistle food. She is notified via text soon after her husband brings her a cup of coffee. She is a princess! The average customer orders two meals and a juice or a snack. LILA admits that the breakfasts are like pie and eats them for dessert. Thistle’s coverage area includes  San Francisco, Marin, large part of the peninsula from Burlingame to Sunnyvale. They are hiring people as fast as they can to expand their coverage area.

Fun Things About Ash [21:45]

  • Favorite technology – Boosted Board. A skateboard that can go up to 25 mph!
  • Favorite food – Avocado.
  • Fitness choice – running. Three miles is perfect to get in the exercise and get to his zen place.
  • Guilty pleasure – ice cream. He discovered Bi Rite when he moved to San Francisco. LILA lets Ash (and the rest of us) know about the deliciousness of Smitten’s nitrogen ice cream.

LILA and Ash are officially friends as they both adore avocado, running and ice cream!

Don’t forget to use the coupon code “3DLILA” for 20% off Thistle products.

Visit Thistle on the webFacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.
Be Brave [29:11]

LILA reminds us that this is not just about her. This is your journey too and joining in. In this week’s section of “Be Brave,” LILA focuses on confidence and trying new things. Unless you keeping trying and doing something, you won’t gain confidence. Just start DOING! Shout out to Josh!  Just a year ago, LILA encouraged Josh to get up and start running just one mile. He did just that and now has finished his first half-marathon. He now has confidence because he did it! Confidence is the product of action.

What are you going to do this week to build your own confidence in whatever you’re doing? Write in and tell us in the comments, on FaceBook and Twitter.

Next Week: Interview with Barbara Hanna about 3D printing.
Significant quotes
  •  “Exciting news … drum roll please … I have lost just shy of 6cm from around my waistline!” [2:09]
  • “The scale is NOT the be all and end all” [2:50]
  • “My goal in life was to have someone in my house chop vegetables for me.” [9:09]
  • “I know I feel less fuzzy.” [10:55]
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever eaten the same thing twice.” [12:18]
  • “It [Carrot Orange Turmeric juice] is the most violent color of orange that I’ve ever seen in my life … which is a testament to real food.” [15:43]
  • “It’s a team of geniuses [who create the meals].” 16:41
  • “My princess-self is usually sitting in bed when the food shows up.” [18:50]
  • “You don’t want food that can sit out on a shelf for a year.” [20:02]
  • “That was very old lady and maternal of me sounding, wasn’t it?” [23:04]
  • “That’s the only annoying thing about the avocado is the whole scoopy situation … is that high maintenance of me?” [24:10]
  • “It’s [running] about the journey for me. I kinda like to go forever.” [25:01]
  • “Love me some roller skating … it’s awesome!” 32:13
  • “Confidence is the product of action.” 32:57
  • “It [getting up and running] came from putting one foot in front of the other.” 35:15
Links Mentioned

HIPLegal (Annie Rogaski) – www.hiplegal.com

Thistle – www.thistle.co

** Remember to use code “3DLILA” at checkout to get a 20% discount!

Boosted Skateboards – boostedboards.com

Bi-Rite Ice Cream – www.biritecreamery.com/icecream

Smitten Ice Cream (ice cream made with nitrogen) – smittenicecream.com/

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