Episode 7: The Quantified Self and a Bra

What’s New?
LILA is trying out a new format for the show – LILA update, topic of the week, and be brave. As always, let us know what you think. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and now Pinterest!
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3D LILA update
A new 3D LILA has been made! The whole experience was just as traumatic. Pictures and testimony to follow in a later episode. Good news is that LILA feels stronger and feels different. Isn’t that what it’s all about?
Check out the countdown clock on website. It’s another accountability check for LILA to keep her on task. She’s going again in December and would really appreciate a friend to join her.
Don’t forget you can be a LILA too! While getting a 3D version of yourself might be a bit much, you can measure yourself with a tape measure.
Another page on LILA’s website is a link to where you can meet LILA and see her mini-me. People have met the mini LILA and are amazed by how delicate she is. She’ll be at the LWT Speed Mentoring event on November 12 in Palo Alto next. (See link below for information.)
The Quantified Self
LILA defines the Quantified Self (QS) movement, how she incorporates tech/data in her life, QS gurus, and cool QS tech.
LILA is a fan of the Garmin watch. She first began using the watch to track her heart rate and distance. Not surprisingly, LILA became a little obsessed to the point that she wouldn’t go running without it! She’s a big fan of the watch because it’s simple and uses satellite GPS for tracking.
She has tried many other techies devices and apps to help in her journey. She’s bought a jawbone up and fitbit – which she promptly lost. She’s logged on with mapmyrun, loseit, and other food diaries. She’s made a valiant effort to quantify herself. She just doesn’t do well with it.
That being said, LILA is a big believer in doing what’s works for you. LILA tracks her running (almost to the point of obsession!) She has made a decision to focus on what helps her on her journey and making her feel better about herself. At the moment, tracking distance and speed keeps her happy.
There are pros and cons of Quantified self. By measuring yourself, you know yourself. You can then use the data to learn how you are doing and improve yourself. Having data driven feedback can give you a real sense of accomplishment. On the other hand, be careful that you don’t get consumed by that data. We have eating and emotional disorders because we tend to compare ourselves to others whether it is the number on the scale, the calories in our food diaries, or the miles on your watch. Be sure to look at both ends of the spectrum.
With that, LILA is NOT an expert on the QS. Paul Lafontaine focuses on QS and heart rate variability. Check out his blog and how he used QS for everything from breathing to networking effectively.  Quantified Self Labs is another organization that produces meetings, forums, and guides to all things about self-tracking tools.
LILA is also checking out new techie toys to add to use with her watch. She’s found Lumo pants – pants that measure cadence, stride length, etc. Unfortunately for LILA (an android user), the Lumo app is currently for apple products only. Boo. LILA has found something that replaces that horribly uncomfortable heart rate monitor chest strap – the Sensilk bra! SO much better. Oh, and they have men’s shirts too.
LILA is going to start putting data on the site soon. By including QS data on the website, LILA will have one more tool for her own accountability and hopefully inspire you too. One example, LILA is just shy of running 44 miles for the October.
Send me a tweet or FB comment with questions about the QS.
Be Brave
The most joyful part of this journey BY FAR is hearing from you! LILA wants to build a family of LILAs. Who are you inspired by? Much of LILA’s inspiration comes from you. A listener sent a picture of dinner which made LILA so happy. This journey is hard, but we can all be an inspiration to each other. Today, LILA shares the lyrics which inspire her on her run:
“All will be well” by the Gabe Dixon band [24:55]
All will be well
Even after all promises you’ve broken to yourself
All will be well
You can ask me how but only time will tell
Keep it up and don’t give up
And chase your dreams and you will find
All in time
All will be well
Share with me stories of being brave. We are not alone. We are all doing this together. Let’s be brave together!
Significant quotes
“This is hard and requires focus.” 05:10
“Toss the scales! It’s actually about how I feel and what I’m doing!” 5:58
“The crazy flag flies wild and high on this entire show.” 9:25
“Is whatever I’m tracking helping me on my journey? … Is it helping me move it forward and keeping me happy.” 11:15
“I’m a huge nerd…I love playing with new toys.” 11:44
“If not gone into with awareness, the whole QS space can really make you sad.” 14:45
“I love me a family of people doing things” 22:50
“Just keep going and you know you’ll get there”  25:25
Links Mentioned
Quantified Self Experiments by Paul LaFontaine – http://quantselflafont.com
QS Conference – quantifiedself.com
Sensilk bra and men’s tops – http://sensilk.com
Gabe Dixon Band – http://www.gabedixon.com/
Pinterest – NEW!

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