Episode 6: Blame it on the Ballerina


In this week’s episode, LILA conducts another interview for us.  Her special guest is Joanna Fassl Penn, both a friend and an amazing woman on many levels.  She is an Athlete, Pilates Instructor, Chiropractor, and has even been a Trapeze Artist!

LILA shares how Joanna was instrumental in helping her transform into the “Late in Life Athlete.”  It all started with LILA wandering into a Pilates Studio—because that’s where one goes if you want to be a ballerina, right?!  Whether sheer luck, or divine intervention, LILA and Joanna Fassl Penn were brought together and began their fitness adventure.

Joanna explains her professional approach and philosophies to maintaining our bodies.  Focusing on the body as whole, she has found that a blend of different techniques is best when treating patients.  These include Pilates, Chiropracty with Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.), Yoga Therapy, Myofascial Technique, and Craniosacral Therapy.  Dr. Fassl Penn practices this unique approach at her office and studio in San Francisco, Touchpoints.

Joanna and LILA have an enduring and unusual friendship.  One that revolves around laughter and fitness.  Sit back, relax and enjoy a peak into their fun, open, and down-to-earth relationship.

Show Notes

Introduction of guest, Dr. Joanna Fassl Penn [1:23]

Her unique approach to serving clients [2:27]

Circus career and the trapeze artist [5:57]

When LILA and Joanna first met [8:06]

Pilates and the “ballerina” [9:02]

Dr. Fassl’s techniques with clients [13:40]

Importance of balance in the body [17:07]

Our insecurities and “athletic boobs” [23:55]

Show Quotes

Joanna Fassl Penn:

I am a lover of all things of the body” [1:41]

“I’m a great sprinter, but endurance has always been challenging” [21:19]


I want to be a ballerina, therefore I should do Pilates” [9:05]

I rolled in as a giant butterball” [9:49]

I remember your courageous attempt to help me do a cartwheel” [13:23]

Everybody has slightly insane image problems about themselves” [23:09]

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Next Episode

A discussion about technology and how to use it with your weight loss journey.

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