Episode 5 – Food and a Plan

LILA is thrilled to have connected with so many of you since she started her journey.  She encourages anyone interested to get a 3D print of themselves—she wants to make an army of 3D LILAs and go through this together!

Episode 5 continues the discussion regarding the rhythm between fitness, technology, and food.  This week’s episode is about a hard one for many of us:  FOOD.   Are you an emotional eater like LILA?  Do you find that you sometimes eat even if you’re not hungry?  For LILA, she stresses that having a plan is what will help us be successful with our weight loss and fitness journey. The key is finding a plan that works for YOU.

LILA shares how having this plan and being transparent with you all helps keep her accountable.  However, she’s human and also has her momentary lapses and finds herself off-plan.  (The dreaded Trader Joe’s hazelnut chocolate bar!)  The key is to get back on the plan sooner than later.

Check out Twitter this week to see LILAs escapades while traveling with her mini-me 3D LILA.  We might just get to see a picture or two.

And surprise–LILA has a breakthrough with herself right here in Episode 5.  As she says, “Therapy through podcasting…who knew?”

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Show Notes:

Rhythm of fitness, technology, and food [3:52]

Amazing Thistle lunch [6:17]

Stick to a plan [8:17]

Carnie Wilson and cookies [11:35]

Trader Joe’s and the hazelnut chocolate bar [14:10]

Breakthrough! [17:00]


“Let’s make an army of LILAs!”  [3:17]

“I absolutely use food for entertainment….”  [4:19]

“Fruit and avacados make me happy”  [5:29]

“Plans work for me because they take that element of choice out of it”  [6:50]

“It is rare for me to be hungry”  [9:42]

“See, it’s working!  Sorta.”  [11:13]

“Carnie Wilson and I had a bonding moment…” [12:33]

“We all have a thing we have to work on, right?”  [16:02]

“Therapy through podcasting….who knew?“ [17:10]

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Next Episode: 

An interview with the amazing Joanna Fassl Penn, Certified in A.R.T, Master Certified Pilates Instructor and Yoga Therapist at Touchpoints.

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