Episode 1 – The introductions

Welcome to the first 3D LILA blogcast!

In the introductory episode, LILA introduces herself and her goal for this series. LILA starts her weight loss journey on a stunning beach in Kauai with the man of her dreams. She hints at the euphoria she gets from running and past weight loss adventures. This time she is being held accountable with the help of technology and you.

What makes this journey different is the inclusion of LILA’s technology geek side. She raves about the emergence of podcasts and the ease of communicating. However, it’s 3D printing that excites LILA and its future for us all. LILA has decided to use 3D printing to create a 3D image of her entire body. This mini-me will be her motivation when her guard is down. At each benchmark, LILA will reprint herself and watch herself shrink.

Next up: Go with LILA to get herself 3D printed at Shapify.

Show Notes:

• Realization in Kauai [00:35]
• Here I am Again [03:13]
• Reason for blogcasting [04:20]
• 3D Printing [08:00]
• 3D printing a mini-me and Self-perception [10:34]

Significant quotes:

“Everything hurt. I was miserable” [01:47]

“I was a little round ball and I couldn’t keep up with the guy I wanted to be with.” [02:41]

“Moving more and eating less is effective.” [4:56]

“Let’s just say I’m a bit of a geek … I LOVE new technology.” [8:08]

“In my head, I’m way skinnier than I really am.” [11:27]

“The same cycle that makes you fall down in the hole, also pulls you up out the hole.” [13:28]

“Weight loss and fitness is about discipline.” [15:23]

“That number on the scale is not enough for me.” [16:00]

Links Mentioned:

Getting to the Finish Line an Inch at a Time

Artificial eyes, plastic skulls: 3-D printing the human body:

Shapify – 3D printing company

9 thoughts on “Episode 1 – The introductions

  1. I have it too!!! Anorexia Dyslexia. It grabs me every time I pass a window. I literally don’t recognize myself. Thank you for being brave sweet friend. I will for sure tune in next week for another episode of LILA!


  2. Oh my sweet JoJo – timing is everything and your podcast ‘s timing has totally whacked me on the head! I totally get the struggle w/weight – am currently experiencing some health issues because of being too heavy AND it’s also compromising the enjoyment of my retirement! Through your courageous words, you’ve provided me w/the boost to get back on the wagon of counting those calories and going to the gym and working this fat old body of mine. Thank you – love you!!


    1. Sophia. So many comments today about what I’m doing. It’s overwhelming. But this…THIS is why I’m doing this. I’m so glad we’re taking the journey together. Interested in joining me in an episode?


  3. Loved it! I can only imagine how terrifying revealing all of this, is. Some points definitely hit home with me, especially my “perceived” self and “real” self. Looking forward to going on this journey with you, Jo!


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